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Наиболее частые из ваших вопросов

Wines in France - really in almost all of Europe - had developed their styles over the centuries; a grape (more often a blend of grapes) was eventually found to suit an area - or even better, express the area. To know where the grapes are grown is to know the style of the wine. To know much about the grapes themselves is wine geekdom, only necessary for professionals.

Though it may look a little silly (or snobby), swirling the wine in your glass actually opens up the wine (that's wine speak for lets in air) and helps bring out the aromas of your wine. This step is important because so much of tasting wine is about appreciating and identifying the different smells and tastes of each wine. So go ahead, swirl it around and take a whiff. Do you like what you smell? What does it smell like?

"Letting a wine breathe" means exposing it to oxygen before drinking. For most wines - especially whites - it's usually not necessary. However, it sometimes improves young red wines; after "breathing" the wine should be smoother, more aromatic, and even a bit less tannic than if you just poured it into your glass.

Fruity wines have concentrated flavors that represent the fruit in the wine and are sometimes perceived as sweet. Sweet wines are wines that display and contain a higher level of residual sugar (sugars that did not ferment to dry) and have a sweet to very sweet finish.

Red grapes were used to make the wine and a wine gets its color from its skins. When the winemaker crushed the grapes, they allowed the skins to come into contact with the juice for only a brief time, thus the color is pink, instead of red. You can read more about Rose on our website.

We will gladly replace any bottle of wine purchased from Food & Wine Winery that is damaged, flawed, or otherwise deemed to be unsatisfactory. We ask that the customer return the unfinished portion of the original bottle. To return an item, please contact us within 30 days of purchase.